Why Landscape Design?


Landscape design is attention to your landscape.  This is key to tuning in to your existence, your impact, your place here in the natural order.  In our fast-paced commuter world, we rarely take time to contemplate how we fit into a bigger picture.  Most of us want to do right by the environment, and recycling is a great start.  But your outward expressions will naturally be more environmentally friendly if you’re coming from a place of connection to the natural world.  

That connection starts in your yard, the piece of nature you see every day.  With mindful attention, you’ll discover that it contains a vast richness of experience.  Connection starts with an appreciation of the birds that pass through it with no regard to property lines.  With attention to the plants that have rooted in the ground which supports you and your house.  A friendly rapport with the skunk that digs around in the back, or deer that come to nibble on your vegetable patch.

    You should care about your landscape because it’s your home, and it affects how you live in the world.  It’s also one of your biggest leverage points.  Saddened by the pollution and environmental degradation in the world?  Be the change you wish to see -- give the energy to your own environment to detoxify it, rejuvenate it, and let it flourish.  Landscape interventions are an opportunity to become consciously, intentionally, what you already are -- a member and citizen of a natural community.  

-Diego I.G.