Small lots|big ideas design competition

In 2013, Gardens of Delight participated in a City of Northampton-sponsored design competition. Architects were charged to offer creative responses to zoning changes that promote development of vacant and underused spaces. For the competition site, the city chose a five-acre lot at 1 Garfield Avenue, close to the center of Florence. Most of the land is dedicated to conservation and the buildable area is only an eighth of an acre. 

“You|Me|Us”, the proposal designed by Dorrie Brooks, Julie Meyer of Gardens of Delight, and Kristian Whitsett won the People’s Choice award. The design provided a vision of infill development that could be beautiful, ecologically sound, and increase the city’s shrinking supply of affordable housing. The proposed building is a 2-family structure to be inhabited by an owner and a renter. Proposed landscape features include rain gardens, a drywell, and a cistern to infiltrate and store stormwater. See full design... here