Meet your goals with solutions arising out of constraints and the spirit of your place... 

  • Site plans
    • Site your home to take advantage of, and be protected from climate forces like wind and solar
    • Integrate your house into the landscape
    • Help visitors know they've found you, where to park, and where to enter
    • Retain, protect, and sustainably utilize natural resources 
  • Schematic/conceptual plans
    • Understand the site and its unique atmosphere
    • Come up with and compare alternative ideas 
    • Get some preliminary cost estimates
  • Developed designs
    • Receive dimensioned grading, drainage, planting, construction plans
    • Select materials and patterns
    • Coordinate with your team
    • Fulfill permitting requirements
    • Generate a phasing plan that works with your life
  • Construction documentation and administration
    • Get help selecting and coordinating contractors
    • Visit and report on progress of site work via punch lists

Installation- no longer accepting projects 

  • Ask us for a referral for site work, stone walls and patio construction, meadow prep to perennial garden re-designs
  • Limited do-it-yourself supervision and labor support (only available for certain projects)
  • Guaranteed plantings for the first year
  • After-care monitoring services

Maintenance- no longer accepting projects 

  • Ask us for a referral for these services focused on native plant community- inspired gardens and
  • Fine pruning
  • Phytoremediation of mild contamination
  • Rain gardens
  • Year-round outdoor planters
  • Meadows
  • Sustainable management of weeds and wildlife
  • Calendars to follow for low-maintenance garden care
  • Organic, IPM, and locally sourced materials


  • Brainstorm new garden ideas, patio configurations, paths and walkways
  • Identify the source of drainage or erosion problems
  • Calculate compost, mulch, plants, or gravel needed for a project
  • Get an inventory of the plants growing on your property
  • Create a plant shopping list for challenging sites
  • Get ideas and prioritize steps with napkin sketches for a garden scale to an entire landscape

Workshops, Tours & Presentations

Customized to your audience. Past engagements have included:

  • Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture, Nasami Farm, 2002: Gardening with Native Plants
  • Amherst Garden Club, 2004: Invasive Plants in the Landscape
  • Greenfield Garden Club Garden Tour, 2006: Demonstration of a Conservation Residential Landscape
  • Ecological Landscaping Association, 2011: Ecological Success Stories